Enrolments: 272,682

Master Degree and Graduate Certificate Course Enrolments: 7,138

The total number of Master degree and Graduate Certificate enrolments since Charles Sturt University and IT Masters launched our first qualification in 2003.

Short Course Enrolments: 265,544

The total number of enrolments in our free short courses that we offer as a ‘taster’ of what it is like to study via Distance Education with Charles Sturt University.


January 2015

  1. Master of Information Systems Security Prize Winner – Melissa Comerford
  2. Who Says Cyber Law Has To Be Boring?
  3. Join Us For A Webinar On Our MBA and MBA (Computing) Courses
  4. FAQs

August 2014

  1. CSU Increases Market Leadership
  2. Doctor of IT Student Profile
  3. What Are The Industry’s Hottest Topics?
  4. Your Money Back Guarantee
  5. See you at TechEd
  6. Industry Experience Pathway Into Your Master’s Degree
  7. Credit For Your Industry Certifications

April 2014

  1. Professional Communications is now a core subject
  2. Feedback about our Instructors
  3. ACS’s Big Day In
  4. Subscribe to our Blog: ITM Insight
  5. 2013 Prizewinner: Master of Information Systems Security
  6. ITResearch@CSU
  7. How much credit would I be eligible for?

January 2014

  1. Celebrating Graduation
  2. Winner of the Graduation Prize for Database Design and Management
  3. Winner of the Graduation Prize for Networking and Systems Administration
  4. The Graduate Certificate Pathway
  5. Free Short Course: Network Security Administrator
  6. Can I Get Credit? Am I Eligible?

September 2013

1. Free Short Course Success 2. Upcoming Free Short Courses 3. Enrolling in Past Short Courses 4. IT Research @ CSU 5. Scrap the Cap 6. Masters Entry Requirements

April 2013

  1. Free Short Courses 
  2. New Most Valuable Professional Lecturers
  3. Prize Winner: MBA (Computing) – Sarah McCullough
  4. Prize Winner: Master of Project Management – Anna Handberg
  5. ITResearch@CSU
  6. Are You Eligible? How Much Credit Would You Qualify For?

December 2012

  1. 10 Year Celebration Dinner
  2. And this Year’s Top Graduate is …
  3. Are you Eligible? How much Credit would you Qualify for?
  4. Esky Winner
  5. Lecturer Profile for our Windows 8 Developer Subjects

September 2012

  1. Win one of our Motorised Eskies
  2. Lecturer Profile – Brenton Burchmore
  3. What is the value of an IT industry Certification?
  4. Australian Computer Society Specialisation now available in the Master of Management(IT)
  5. Call for Volunteers: Adjunct Doctoral Supervisors
  6. Are you eligible? How much credit would you qualify for?

May 2012

  1. Why is CSU’s Doctorate different?
  2. Examples of IT Research topics
  3. Microsoft Research goes to the front of the class
  4. Complimentary tickets to CeBIT
  5. Who says Craig never leaves his Computer?
  6. The best kept secret around: SAGE-AU
  7. Are you eligible? How much credit would you qualify for?

December 2011

  1. Our favourite Graduate
  2. Doctors 4 The Bush
  3. MISS Prize Winner – Peter Ridgway
  4. And the big growth area is…
  5. CISSP subject
  6. Now for the IT Doctorate market
  7. Selling Solutions subject now in the Master of Management (IT)
  8. Are you eligible? How much credit would you qualify for?

May 2011

  1. This Year’s Top Graduate – Matt De Vincentis
  2. New Course in Application Development for Mobile Devices
  3. CRICS Research Centre
  4. Visit us at a Trade Show
  5. Am I eligible?

December 2010

  1. VMWare Certified Professional
  2. Business Analyst Stream
  3. CompTIA A+
  4. Artificial Intelligence Subject
  5. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  6. Red Hat Linux Certifications
  7. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer
  8. Confirming how much credit you are eligible for
  9. Closing Date Extended

September 2010

  1. Master Degree ROI = $.6ml
  2. Building, Building everywhere
  3. ITIL needs Time!
  4. Visit us at a Trade Show
  5. Am I Eligible?

May 2010

  1. MMIT Prize winner
  2. Are you eligible?
  3. Visit us at CeBIT
  4. Youtube attracting over 1000 visitors per day
  5. Wagga Graduation
  6. IT Research @CSU
  7. The Virtual Classroom delivering on the hype
  8. PMI Scholarship Winners

September 2009

  1. Some seriously cool Research
  2. Security Masters online Information Session
  3. MIT Credit for EMC certifications
  4. Final Chance for Server 2003 Credits
  5. The 100% ITIL Graduates
  6. This year’s .NET prize winner
  7. Don’t miss this year’s SQL or Security Code Camps
  8. Are you eligible? How much credit would you qualify for?

June 2009

  1. Subjects now on Youtube
  2. Update on the Digital Forensics Masters
  3. Don’t miss Security Camp Oz 2009
  4. Wagga Graduation
  5. Finally! – IT Enrolments are on the rise
  6. Are you eligible?

February 2009

  1. Top of the class
  2. What Downturn?
  3. PMI Scholarships
  4. Graduation Jackets
  5. Visit as at a Trade Show
  6. Don’t miss Code Camp 2009
  7. Are you eligible? How much credit would you qualify for?

September 2008

  1. The MBA (Computing)
  2. Bachelor of Industry Computing
  3. Expansion of Cisco and .NET Streams
  4. Our first Second Life Class
  5. Don’t miss SQL Down under Code Camp
  6. Student Profile: (soon to be Doctor) Peter White
  7. Are you eligible? How much credit would you qualify for?