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CIO – the Agenda for 2015
5 March 2015

CSUB445-2015-The-AgendaThe CIO Agenda for 2015

It is good to have an agenda, one which is in the open.  It sets expectations, milestones and keeps track of what needs to be done.

The Gartner 2015 Agenda for CIOs statesdigitalization has taken center stage, moving out of the shadows and into an arena that is creating winners and losers in all industries and geographies.”  They believe the next set of digital technologies, trends, opportunities and threats drive yet another competitive frontier.

An IDC FutureScape Report predicts by 2017, 80% of a CIO’s time will be focused on analytics, cyber-security and creating new revenue streams through digital services.

According to Ovum in the UK, enterprise mobility will continue to be one of the hottest topics in IT, and high on the list of priorities for all CIOs, according to their “2015 TrendstoWatch: Enterprise Mobility” report.  Of course, along with mobility come security issues.

While the National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO) in the USA have listed their top three priorities as (1) Cyber-security, (2) Adopting Cloud Services and (3) Optimize and Consolidate Resources and Services.

Gartner statesthe overwhelming majority of this year’s CIO survey respondents (89%) agree that the digital world engenders new, vastly different and higher levels of risk.  Furthermore, 69% acknowledge that agility is increasingly important relative to risk management.  For CIOs to thrive in this new digital now, digital first reality, we recommend they “flip” the following three leadership behaviors.”

The three leadership behaviours being—

No. 1. Flip Information and Technology Leadership from Legacy First to Digital First

CIOs should focus on the future by starting from the perspective of what is now “digitally possible,” then working backward.


No. 2 Flip Value Leadership from what’s Visible to what’s Valuable

Traditionally, IT value has gravitated to what is most visible; cost reduction and efficiency. Digital business creates new value. Not all IT-intensive investments are the same, and they should be separated into categories based on what motivates them: fear (keep the business running), fact (extend the business within its business model, markets and tools) or faith (transform the business beyond the known). The digital business opportunity requires faith-based investments and management capable of dealing with them.

No. 3 Flip People Leadership from Control-Led to Vision-Led

CIOs determined to be digital leaders must focus on education and inspiration.  In the survey, 75% of CIOs plan to change their leadership style over the next three years, most commonly by amplifying their vision (47%) while reducing their command and control (65%).

The CIO.com 14th annual “State of the CIO” survey shows security is a major focus for CIOs in 2015.

So digitalisation and cyber-security are definitely recurring themes.  Are they on your 2015 agenda?