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IT Masters News

Cybersecurity Management: Week 1
23 November 2015

Hi Folks,

In case you missed it, the first webinar for our Cybersecurity Management short course, delivered by Jeremy Koster, was held last Wednesday. The webinar was an excellent crash course on Cybersecurity management, including the threat landscape, the risks, the various players, as well as some real life examples.

The role of a cybersecurity manager is such that they needs must have technical understanding of the issues to be tackled, they must be able to manage various processes, and they must be able to keep their superiors informed on the situation and the appropriate course of action. More and more, cybersecurity managers are answerable to executives who are not necessarily knowledgeable about the technical aspects of IT security and who furthermore don’t have time for these explanations, especially when a company’s brand, reputation, revenue and customers are at stake.

It’s not too late to sign up and join in for week 2 here.