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Master of Cloud Computing now open for enrolments
3 February 2017

Charles Sturt University and industry partner combine to create Australia’s first Masters degree 100 percent focused on Cloud Computing and Virtualisation.

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As Cloud Computing continues to take up a growing share of IT workloads, Industry education supplier, IT Masters has partnered with Charles Sturt University (CSU) to offer Australia’s first ever Master degree focused wholly on cloud computing and virtualisation.

Designed for computing professionals, CSU’s Master of Cloud Computing and Virtualisation will equip Masters students with the theoretical knowledge, technical capabilities and communication skills to design and manage complex externally-hosted computing architectures.

According to James Hale, CEO of IT Masters, the rapid advance of cloud technology and the willingness of IT organisations to leverage the concept of IT infrastructure as a service has not been matched by development of IT professionals with suitable skills to manage such environments.

“We developed this Cloud Computing and Virtualisation Masters because the move to the cloud has become a stampede,” Hale said. “For example, one of the leading solutions vendors in the space, VMware recently predicted that by 2021 over half of all computer workload will take place in the ‘Cloud’.

“However, according to research undertaken by US-based RightScale, the lack of expertise and resources is the biggest challenge that the market has to overcome. Many IT departments can see the value in cloud computing but feel their internal capabilities to effectively manage off-site infrastructure not mature enough to handle the growing workloads in the cloud.”

“As this stampeded towards the cloud gathers momentum, that discrepancy between the skills required to manage it and the skills available is holding back a lot of organisations from embracing the demonstrable business value inherent in this type of IT strategy.”

According to an article published by the NASDAQ business news service quoting the Synergy Research Group, the worldwide cloud computing market grew 21 per cent to $110 billion in 2015 according to Synergy Research Group. It also stated that the biggest challenge for the cloud market today is a lack of resources and expertise while the average company uses about 738 cloud-based services

Meanwhile, according to IDC research, worldwide spending on cloud infrastructure services, software services, and hardware is forecast to double from almost $70 billion in 2015 to over $141 billion in 2019.

Dr Irfan Altas, Head of CSU’s School of Computing and Mathematics said the main target candidates for the new Masters are IT workers such as systems administrators who are looking for professional development opportunities as technology transitions from in-house management to the cloud.

“There are a lot of IT professionals who can see the change happening all around them and want to be able to continue advancing their careers through skills development in line with the latest trends in IT architecture,” Dr Altas said. “This course is a great way to future-proof their careers and to ensure that the skills and experience they bring to the work-place meets the needs of the industry.

“We have developed several new innovative subjects for the new cloud computing Masters including: “Architecting Cloud Solutions”, “Containers and Virtualisation”, “Cloud Privacy and Security” as well as bolstering existing units with more contemporary cloud-based content.”

IT Masters’ Hale said the stimulus for creating this Masters came from Alumni, students and candidates who were providing feedback about the changes happening in their work-places.

“We are constantly being told by Masters students that there has been significant growth in demand for cloud computing skills without the commensurate development of independent courses that cover the subject,” Hale said.

“In conjunction with CSU, it has always been the stated mission of IT Masters to provide meaningful post-graduate study opportunities which meet the demands of industry and thereby genuinely assist the career advancement of candidates.

“We are sure that this is a line of academic pursuit that is going to grow quickly and lead to positive employment outcomes for graduates.

“We are very proud of the work we have done with CSU to streamline electives towards cloud computing knowledge and to create completely new subjects that will round the studies out nicely to a valuable knowledge base in cloud computing and virtualisation.”

CSU’s Masters in Cloud Computing and virtualising will be conducted via the cutting edge online distance learning platform that has seen it become Australia’s largest post-graduate study institution. Enrolments close at the end of February with the courses starting in March.

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