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This subject examines how to change attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that benefit individuals and society at large. Examples of social marketing include campaigns to prevent or reduce alcohol consumption, smoking, drug abuse, domestic violence and unsafe driving. This subject examines how to design a marketing strategy that will move the target audience from indifference to action and ultimately maintenance. The subject uses a case study approach drawing on current and historic Australian and international campaigns.  The subject also examines the importance of social marketing in the area of environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

MKT513 – Social Marketing will cover the following topics:

  • What is social and environmental marketing? Is it marketing after all?
  • Social marketing and sustainability
  • Good reasons for behaviour change: Overconsumption and the pursuit of pleasure
  • Social marketing and sustainability: Changing behaviour
  • The basic toolkit: HIV/AIDS and stigmatisation
  • The basic toolkit: Road safety
  • Health and wellbeing: The battle of the bulge
  • Environmental and sustainable living
  • Power and perception: Out of darkness (violence, bullying, eating disorders, depression and mental illness)
  • Health and wellbeing: Prevention and early detection (cancer and immunisation)
  • Environmental and sustainable living: What a waste (litter and recycling)
  • Addictions and risky behaviour (alcohol, binge drinking, street violence and drink driving)


  1. Comparing the scope of Social Marketing (500 words – 10%)
  2. Report: Identifying the Problem (1600 words – 20%)
  3. Report: Campaign Evaluation (3000 words – 35%)
  4. Presentation: Strategic Campaign (35%)

Subject Availability

Session 2 (July)

The information above was accurate the time the subject was last run, but may change in future. Be sure to check the details in your subject outline upon enrolment.