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Marketing strategy is examined from a range of theoretical perspectives. Strategic arena analysis and the value chain provide complementary frameworks for investigation of markets and strategic options. Analytical skills are developed through the application of these frameworks to an industry environment. This is a capstone marketing subject and should be attempted towards the end of a Masters degree.

MKT540 – Marketing Strategy will cover the following topics:

  • The nature of marketing strategy.
  • Marketing’s corporate environment.
  • Relationship between marketing strategy and organisation structure.
  • Marketing capabilities of relationship management, innovation and market orientation
  • Strategic arena analysis (analysis of linked value chains to clarify potential relationships for competitive advantage and forces shaping the product/market).
  • Financial assessment of key performance indicators.
  • Situation summary (assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and issues facing an organisation).
  • Developing and evaluating strategic options.
  • Translating a strategic option into a comprehensive plan.
  • Implementation issues.
  • Evaluation and control of the marketing effort including the marketing audit.
  • Social responsibilities of organisations.


  1. Strategic thinking tools (1000 words – 20%)
  2. Factors impacting strategy (2500 words – 35%)
  3. Tools to apply strategy (2500 words – 35%)
  4. Online contribution (150 words per post – 10%)

Subject Availability

Session 3 (November)

The information above was accurate the time the subject was last run, but may change in future. Be sure to check the details in your subject outline upon enrolment.