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This subject introduces students to global marketing which extends organisations marketing activities outside their home country market. Global marketing may impact an organisation in numerous aspects of their buying and selling processes. In an increasingly global environment, marketers need to respond to both global and local marketing opportunities and challenges to achieve growth objectives. Key decisions for marketers include standardisation or adaptation in new markets, choice of concentrated markets or a wider geographical spread, market entry strategies and use of partnerships and strategic alliances. Critical knowledge and skills for global marketers include learning how to analyse and select appropriate new international markets, making decisions on adaptation or standardisation of marketing strategies and communicating these to achieve synergy through collaborative networks and partnerships.

MKT550 – Global Marketing will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction and rationale for global marketing
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of the international political and legal environment
  • Appreciating the dynamics of the international economic and financial environment
  • Catering for the social and cultural environment of global marketing
  • Technology and contemporary environmental variables
  • Researching for global market selection and entry
  • Global marketing planning and competitive strategy
  • Internationalisation, globalisation, relationships and networks
  • The global marketing mix


  1. Country/Product Opportunity Brief (2000 words – 25%)
  2. Market Entry and STP Strategy (2500 words – 35%)
  3. International Marketing Mix Strategies (2500 words – 40%)

Subject Availability

Session 2 (July)

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