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Contemporary market economies are dominated by services. This subject helps students appreciate the distinct characteristics of services and the implications these have for developing and implementing marketing strategies in a wide range of service industries. Current issues in technology and ethics are also examined in relation to service organisations.

MKT561 – Services Marketing will cover the following topics:

Service products, customers and employees
1. introduction to services marketing
2. customer behaviour, service encounters, customer satisfaction and service quality
3. service employees

Service model
1. targeting and positioning
2. service product strategy

Strategic issues
1. service delivery
2. costs and pricing
3. services promotion

Management issues
1. customer relationship management
2. customer complaints and service recovery management
3. international services marketing


  1. Peer to peer learning task (2 to 3 pages – 10%)
  2. The service audit (2000 words – 30%)
  3. The development of a service marketing strategy (2500 words – 30%)
  4. The implementation of a service marketing strategy (30%)

Subject Availability

Session 2 (July)

The information above was accurate the time the subject was last run, but may change in future. Be sure to check the details in your subject outline upon enrolment.