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The advent of big data accelerated by the internet, e-commerce and social media provide opportunities for better business/organisational management and a better society through evidence-based decision-making and the provision of new services and products. This subject introduces the conceptual and practical issues in developing models to aid in decision making in marketing. Students will be introduced to the discovery and analysis of social networks, social trends, and relationships amongst industry factors using spreadsheets and data visualisation software. Students will also translate these analytic models into competitive strategy models by making policy for strategic and other decision recommendations.

MKT563 – Big Data and Marketing Analytics will cover the following topics:

  • Basic Spreadsheet Functions Software demonstration & practice
  • Spreadsheet functions, MS-Excel graphs
  • Advanced Spreadsheet functions Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts
  • Using Solver in Excel for Optimisation of marketing expenditure
  • Data visualisation using Tableau
  • Data editing for visualisation, in Tableau
  • Dashboard in Tableau Storyboards in Tableau
  • Combining data sources, Metadata in Tableau
  • Social Media and Web traffic tools Tableau
  • Forecasting in Excel and Tableau
  • Interactive models for decision-making


  1. Forum task (2 to 3 pages – 10%)
  2. Spreadsheet analysis (200 words – 30%)
  3. Data visualisation (30%)
  4. Complex systems (30%)

Subject Availability

Session 1 (March)

The information above was accurate the time the subject was last run, but may change in future. Be sure to check the details in your subject outline upon enrolment.