Enrolments: 290,251

Master Degree and Graduate Certificate Course Enrolments: 7,138

The total number of Master degree and Graduate Certificate enrolments since Charles Sturt University and IT Masters launched our first qualification in 2003.

Short Course Enrolments: 283,113

The total number of enrolments in our free short courses that we offer as a ‘taster’ of what it is like to study via Distance Education with Charles Sturt University.

Your Partners For Success

How will you study?

Our unique series of Masters level qualifications give you the opportunity to study online. This means that you can access and continue study in your own time, from any convenient location. CSU places great emphasis on online learning and their services to students. It is a leader in the provision of online learning and, in particular the use of the internet in the support of teaching, administration and communications with students.

We understand that any kind of study can be difficult and takes great commitment – that is what makes a Masters qualification so appealing to employers. To alleviate the difficulties and match your commitment we have developed a unique support structure that will ensure success.

Charles Sturt University’s Extensive Online Library

Charles Sturt University’s online library provides all students and staff with a single user interface for accessing and searching the Library’s online resources, including journal databases, e-texts, websites, statistics, images, newspapers, atlases and reference materials and other library catalogues.

Subject Specific Study Guides

These guides are ‘how to study’ week by week schedules and keep you on track throughout your study of the subject. Some guides are electronic seen on enrolment, some are paper based delivered with your Subject Material

Subject Mentors

You have access to a subject specific working professional Subject Mentor who is available for any subject support.

Each of your subjects will incorporate weekly live online interactive webinars. These webinars are recorded and make a great reference area when revising for the exam. They are recorded for people who cannot make them live.

Practice Exams

You will have access to online practice exams that are used to highlight any gaps in your knowledge and help you to master material. The practice exams are also a useful way of knowing if you need more study before any final exams.


Interact2 is CSU’s Learning portal. It is where you will access your enrolled subject(s) each session. Interact includes your subject assessment details and additional study material loaded by your Subject Coordinator. Recorded live sessions are stored here, along with other useful information.

Forums are an important section of Interact. The forums are session and subject specific. This communication vehicle allows you to interact with other students and your lecturer. Lecturers use the forum to post information about assessments and exams, material updates, specific questions for discussion, etc. Students are encouraged to set up study groups from these forums.

You will also have access to this free short course when you enrol:

Introduction to Learning Online (SSS032) – Interact is CSU’s Learning Platform

In order to ensure our students are prepared for successful online study at CSU, all commencing students will be automatically enrolled into a short, online, self paced subject run by the STUDY LINK team called Introduction to Learning Online.

Students will see Introduction to Learning Online (SSS032) on their Interact2 dashboard. This information is communicated to students during the Acceptance of Offer process, and also through direct Talisma communication campaigns.

The subject covers: using Interact2 tools including online classroom, discussion boards, EASTS and journals, grade centre, online study and communication, finding, evaluating and referencing online materials. The online classroom sessions will focus on time management and study plans.

Student Manager

A Student Manager is available to you for overall support. This can include helping you to develop a discipline to study, assistance with communication to CSU and administrative support.

CSU Student Log-in

The CSU student log-in gives you unlimited access to the university’s extensive online library. Other study resources are also available through this login. A CSU student liaison officer is available for all university queries.

Industry subjects

Most industry subjects prepare you for a related subject Industry certification. You have the option of completing the industry certification at your cost external to CSU after completing the subject.

Assessment on these subjects includes assignments (submitted electronically) and a final CSU exam near where you live. CSU sets up each session exam centres throughout the world.